Everessence harnesses an integrated approach to Nutrition and wellness offers a range of inspirational and educational services to meet your specific needs. The services offered are available on either a private basis or in a group setting.  Everessence also offers a comprhensive range of support and follow up advice.

"I believe that each of us has an infinite capacity for health and abundance in our lives. Sometimes we just need a little pointing in the right direction"  

Through private consultations, one to one sessions, group workshops and inspirational retreats, Everessence offers the foundations from which to launch yourself into a state of optimal wellness.  I believe in empowering people to enhance their diet and their lifestyle through providing practical guidance and individualized programs.

Katy Cox, founder and Director


Having been raised, as a child, on a Macrobiotic diet and a holistic approach to health, my own journey to abundant wellness has seen me explore many forms of traditional diets and medicinal practice.  I have studied and continue to explore : Nutrition (Certified BANT Nutritional Therapist), Raw food Alchemy (Certified chef trainer Living Light Culinary Institute California, USA).  Yoga had been one of my integral practices for the past 20 years. I hold over 800hrs of certified training in a range of  Yogic disciplines and body work techniqes (Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher,  Pramananda Institute of yogic Science India, School Yoga Institute California, USA, Nosara Yoga Institute Costa Rica and Pavones Yoga centre Costa Rica).  I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science.  

I have enjoyed many years growing Organic fruits, herbs and vegetables both on a farm scale in in small rooftop gardens.  I love experimenting with excess produce to create delicious preserves, pickles, Juices and Herbal infusions.  I believe that our health starts with the health of the soil and the foods we choose to put in our bodies, we are all a part of one integrated system.

I fully hold true that the best way to cultivate health and happiness in our lives is by creating balance in all that we do.  Unfortunately in the modern world, with the demands of work, rising children and just keeping on top of ever growing "to do" lists, it is often this very balance that is the first to be affected.  

Through helping you to making simple changes to your diet and your daily practices Everessence will enable you to focus your priorities in order to regain a more balanced lifestyle. 


"it is only once you feel inspired to take charge of your health and wellness that miracles truly can happen"!